Captain's Log
24 July 2001

Mutiny Caused by Dolphins!

Last night we entered Shark Bay which, with head winds, limited room to manoeuvre and numerous vessels in the area, meant we motored overnight. We came to anchor at 0830 this morning and, after some minor fuel problems with the ship’s boat, got everyone ashore to the Francois Peron National Park to learn all about the local marine fauna, especially the dolphins the area is world famous for.Afterwards mid-voyage talks were held by watchleaders with their watches to review progress so far and goals for the remainder of the voyage.Tonight we will remain at anchor then tomorrow we will get underway once more and continue south for a two-day passage to the Abrolhos Island Group.Yours AyeCap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Daniel O’Doherty aged 16 from Traralgon, Victoria.Mutiny caused by Dolphins… !So far this voyage has been unbelievable, we are now anchored in the smooth blue waters of Shark Bay. There are dolphins everywhere (there is one swimming beside the boat now) and the weather is brilliant. Up until now from the time we departed Broome it has been great sailing and I’m having the best time ��� I can’t believe we’re nearly half way through the voyage. If I had it my way I would take charge as the captain and stay here forever.The best bits so far would be climbing the mast in big head seas (it was like being on a rollercoaster), Dion and Don catching the 35kg Tuna, stopping at Serrurier Island which had white sand, reefs, warm water and lots of sun, and today we relaxed on land and raided the shops. Other great things we get to do are, see the sunset and rise, and some mornings my watch (white watch) have to get up at 2345 and keep an eye on the ship until 0345 which is not as bad as it seems. It’s so rewarding to be able to sail a tall ship that’s 44 metres long and I’m looking forward to Command Day where all the Youth Crew take over the ship for 24 hours.Every day brings new challenges and every day is completely different from the last, tomorrow we are heading out of Shark Bay and back on our way down the coast.Hi to everyone back home ��� Mum, Dad, and family a huge hello to Patrick (I brought a hand line today Dad and I’m going to catch a bigger fish than Don)


25° 46' South / 113° 42'


CO's Log 24 July 2001Situation at 1800 Tuesday 24 July 2001: At anchor off Monkey Mia, Shark Bay Conditions: wind SE 12 knots, clear skies, temp 23 degrees.