Captain's Log
Trans Tasman
17 January 2006


Ahoy Shipmates!What a frustraing and exhilarating 24 hours! Overnight we had to handall sail and motor directly into the wind and sea – veryuncomfortable, especially for the girls up forward in the twelve-berth. This mornng for morning brief we had Georgie’s re-telling ofthat famous salty-sea dog story, “son of a gun”, complete with Hortoand I as the (very) ugly babies!Fortunately, the wind has now backed into the North East and we aremaking 11 knots under a full press of canvas direct to Cape Rienga,the northern tip of New Zealand. All things being equal, we shouldhear “Land Ho” from the upper top some time tomorrow.Now a word from Youth Crew Member Mel, who turned 23 today at sea…Wow it’s my B’day and i don’t think I’ll beat it for a long time.I’ve spent the day heaving and pulling setting and furling sails andpractising tacking the ship. I was even the celebrity tack caller,basically (with help) I told the whole crew what to do to turn theship’s bow into the wind. Yesterday we swam in the ocean, beautiful.To top it all off I have just climbed down from the foremast afterhanging around 23 meters above the water on the topsail yard armhelping the tie up the furled topsail. If you don’t have a clue whatI’m saying don’t worry until couple of days ago I only dreamed ofdoing these things. I’m tired and sore and at times wet but Iwouldn’t be anywhere else. This really has been the trip of a lifetime and theres still loads to go….And Boydie says hello to Mum, Dad and Lee….Until tomorrow, Shipmates,Yours Aye,ChrisChris GallowayLieutenant Commander, RANCommanding OfficerSTS YOUNG ENDEAVOUR


33°33's / 165°0'e


Wind East North East 18KTS