Captain's Log
20 February 2006

Motor Sailing, Tasman Sea, passage to Eden, NSW

Benjamin Sydney red watch is comming back strong after 6 days in last place now only 2point away from 1st place with winning the last 2 days we finally past our half way point while on morning watch. i would like to say hello to all friends and family back home in sydney. Alice Melb yesterday we did rotational tacking stations, to understand the other watch’s positions. during our night watches bear-x watch activities focusing on team work. i would like wish my dad (gary) a fantastic birthday. Breah Central Coast As I sit my weary self down i have time to think apon the days of old, for example the days where beds never moved on their own, and falling over in the shower wasn’t an everyday occurance. Hi Family, one and all, i miss u. We’ve been playing some pretty exciting games throughtout the days and the crews never short of entertainment with hector leading us into hysterics every other minute. Cya in Aus. Well Shipmates, waht else can I say? Until tomorrow, Chris Chris Galloway Lieutenant Commander, RANCommanding Officer


38° 48' South / 161° 38' East