Captain's Log
18 May 2007

Motor Sailing, North of Coff’s Harbour

Ahoy Shipmates,We are now sailing hard on a fresh breeze after having departed Coff’s Harbour undersail at 1000 this morning. We are now trying to make ground towards the north against a northerly breeze and the southerly East Australian Current. This means that unless the wind changes significantly, we will need to tack several times during the nught as we claw our way up the coast.Last night we all enjoyed a very pleasant BBQ at the Coffs Yacht Club, follwed by three way talks and anchor watches overnight. This meant that everyone got a pretty good night’s sleep which is good, because we won’t get one tonight!Tomorrow we hope to make it across the border into godzown, and if all goes according to plan, we may be able to get ashore at the Gold Coast tomorrow afternoon.Until tomorrow, Shipmates,Yours Aye,Chris Chris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


30° 12' South / 153° 19' East


Wind NNW 25-33 Knots, strong wind warning in force. Weather overcast, sea moderate.