Captain's Log
12 June 2002

Moreton Baywatchwith Channel S

Last night we held the ships concert and had many hearty laughs as we recollected the events of the Voyage. It’s Day Ten of our trip on the high seas and that means we take a few guests to sea for the day. Fifty-two excited people joined us at 10am and we sailed onto Moreton Bay for a few hours and had a lot of fun. The wind was light but the weather beautiful and there were plenty of smiles on return to the wharf at 1pm. Our YC were excellent hosts, taking the guests for climbs in the rigging and showing them how to set sails. A Channel Seven Chopper filmed us sailing amongst the dolphins – it would have been a great sight as we cut through the water with mostsails set.It’s been a long day – we started work at 6am and this afternoon all YC were aloft again harbour furling the sails. Later we held end of Voyage talks and this evening we will probably just kick back and enjoy the last night on board.Youth Crew entry by Jen Lyle, 22, Carlingford.First up ‘Ahoy me ‘harties … we are nearly at the end and the time on board has been fantastic. Everyone is getting along and helping each other through the challenges. Climbing gets easier each time you do it, and today we had the chance to take our guests for a climb. They relied on us to show them ‘the ropes’ which was really rewarding, and proved that I have managed to retain at least some of the information and skills that have been taught during the voyage.Youth Crew entry by Luke Rayner, 23, TaringaI’m aching from head to toe and barely surviving off 3-4hrs of sleep a day, but despite all this I can honestly say that I have had an unbelievably great time over the past 10 days. I have felt confident climbing the masts even in stormy conditions, developed friendships with complete strangers, and most importantly, I have laughed so hard my stomach has hurt. A quick hello to Lucy, Josh, Mum, Dad, Rowena, Rachael and Daniel, can’t wait to see you all again.Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


72° 23' South / 153° 9'


Current situation at 1800: In Brisbane River. Wind westerly at 5 knots, temp - 24C