Captain's Log
29 March 2010

More on Command Day …

Hi again everyone … a message from the Youth Crew:This is the Young Endeavour, Command Day Captain\’s log, I am Kate Lyons and we, the youth crew are currently making our way to Sydney. With strong winds on the nose, from the north all night, we had a reasonably eventful evening. This was a good test for us as a youth crew as we held together and pulled through. The 28th of March we successfully sailed from anchor which is a great achievement in itself as it was a new experience for all of us. Now to introduce the rest of the command team, the sailing master is Tom, a 16 year old who is proving his sailing knowledge and experience to be a great asset to the youth crew. The navigator, Anthony, who’s past experience in navigation has been implemented to get us heading where we need to go, which is Sydney. The three watch leaders are Aaron, Rory and Kieren. Which leaves our wonderful chefs Danni, Adrian and Jenna, who have already cooked up a storm. (From Yak ��� the rest of the Youth Crew are actually doing the work)!So that’s it for me and I will see some of you hopefully in Sydney.Callum reflecting on Command Day: That day was very different but I have seen what everyone in a team could do to sail a massive ship together. Everyone has been taking part controlling and moving the Young Endeavour for 24 hours. I thought it was a very good idea to do command day.It’s me Yak, the Voyage Captain back again.I don’t normally take opportunity for a personal message (remember, no personal space on board Young Endeavour ��� 44 meters of Ship with 35 people so it is very hard to have your own space) but ��_ A special hi to my Mum and in particular my Dad ��� trust your health is improving and all my love.Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


34° 28' South / 151° 6' East


As they were a few hours ago but the wind continues to ease - yeah!