Captain's Log
19 January 2010

Moderating Conditions

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 3 of the voyage. Overnight the wind moderated and the conditions improved considerably for the Youth Crew who where still struggling to find their sea legs. Sunrise found Young Endeavour 8nm to the south east of Hawks Point sailing down wind under a reduced sail plan. Following morning brief and cleaning stations it was decided that following an uncomfortable night at sea were most onboard did not get much sleep that the Youth Crew would be stood-down for the rest of the morning so that they could gain some much needed rest. Throughout the day the weather continued to improve and with it the health of the Youth Crew, with most now overcoming their minor bouts of seasickness. This afternoon with everyone well rested it was straight into a set of semi competitive ���Rope Races’ followed by the Navigators informative and interactive presentations on navigation. On completion of this presentation I closed the ship up at tacking stations and completed 2 very good tacks so as to ensure that the Youth Crew were proficient at this important evolution. To complete the day’s activities all watches were given the opportunity to set all square sails and to bring the ship under a full press of sail. At 2000 this evening we were located 10nm to the south east of Port Macquarie now having to motor sail due to the very light conditions.At Present it is planned to anchor in the picturesque Trial Bay (South West Rocks) sometime tomorrow were we will remain overnight.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


31° 36' South / 152° 57' East


Currently located 7nm to the SE of Port Macquarie and experiencing light and variable NE winds with a 1m SE swell