Captain's Log
21 February 2009

Mission Complete

Hello Shipmates,It saddens me to say that this will be my last instalment for a while as not only has this voyage drawn to a close, so has my time as the Commanding Officer. Nonetheless what a voyage it has been. This morning we weighed anchor and proceeded for a short harbour cruise while the YC manned the yards. As we approached our berth at the Fleet Naval Base, the YC broke out into song singing our national anthem with gusto. I’m positive the family and friends on the wharf thought so and indeed so would have the punters enjoying a morning brew and a pie’n’peas at Harry’s Caf� De Wheels.Once berthed, we invited the guests onboard and coaxed the YC down from the yards. Not long afterwards I had the absolute pleasure in awarding the Voyage Certificates to what has been an excellent YC. I then called on Mr Paul Couvret OAM, representing the NSW Branch of the Order of Australia Association to present the Order of Australia Medallion to Matthew Stewart, the YC member selected by the staff as the YC who epitomised what Young Endeavour is all about. Taking nothing away from Stewey, it was a difficult choice. It usually is.It was then time for the saddest part of the voyage when we all have to say farewell. However the great thing about this ship is that once you have sailed her, you become a member of a unique group and you will always be a Young Endeavour shipmate.I would like to thank my staff crew for a wonderful voyage. I appreciated the professional support, the laughs and very importantly, the friendship. They are:Paul McDowell ��� Sailing master extraordinaire and a very capable second in Command. He’s ready for his own shot at the title. Dave ���Yak’ Jordan ��� a long time friend and absolute professional. That said he couldn’t predict rain in a thunderstorm or perhaps more aptly couldn’t find sunshine on the Nullabor.Paul ���Chook’ Barry ��� a former XO and relief CO, he brings experience in spades and a sense of humour and level of compassion to match.Taffy Evans ��� a Physical Training Instructor by trade but he is becoming a super seaman and should consider a second career in stand up comedy.Kenny Callender ��� Setting the bar as the salty super seaman. Going from strength to strength.Lindsay Smith ��� I’m sure if we had any engineering problems Lindsay could talk his way out of it. A great team player and a great ship mate. I will also miss Nanna!!!Jessica Barr ��� the only girl and youngest by over a decade on this voyage. That never slowed her down and talk about punching above her weight. You go girl!Chad Morgan ��� my increasing waistline sums Chad up. Fantastic chef and top bloke to boot. Ok that’s me done. I look forward to returning and my final thankyou goes to the YC who make all this so worthwhile.Gunna out.Andrew RourkeCommanding OfficerCarpe Diem


33° 52' South / 151° 13' East


Alongside Fleet Base. Wind - who cares, we're home.