Captain's Log
26 June 2010

Mission Accomplished

Youth Crew Captain Rory here, giving you an update on the 24 hours of that was Command Day. The past 24 hours have definitely been challenging but I am happy to report success on all fronts. Last night the crew settled into their new watches travelling approximately 235 degrees at 4 knots heading to our next destination.At approximately 2.30 AM the crew on watch felt it was time to act on the advice ���Drive it like we stole it�� and we did the tall ship version of a doughnut ( AKA accidental tack) before heading back on course roughly 2 hours later. We reached out next destination at 6.30 AM where we woke the crew for an unnecessary wearing of the ship, although it was good practice. After correcting that we turned back on course and had an ETA of 12 noon. Our request for leniency on time was granted which raised the spirits of the very tired crew. The crew pulled together to complete the remaining tasks as we sailed to our final 2 destinations with minimal sail changes thanks to good wind and great ���Nava-Guessing��.After a helpful briefing from Gunna on how to anchor from sail, it was all hands on deck. At 11.30 AM we were, and still are, anchored just off Bagara. The entire crew were ecstatic at our achievement, although still extremely tired. We were informed our official handover was to take place at 1330 so we headed down for a quick lunch before we climbed aloft for a group photo. I would like to give a big thankyou to all of my crew for their amazing achievement and also to Captain Gunna and the staff crew for reclaiming command of their ship. A special mention to our youth crews 3 ���Chefs�� for producing 3 amazing meals, feeding 38 people from a Galley the size of a laundry wouldn’t be easy.The afternoon was very laid back planning our performance for tonight’s SOD’s opera and debriefing on the command day. A BBQ on the deck was then followed by the nights 4 acts; Staff crew, who were great followed by the red, white and blue watches brilliant performances (well 2 out of three ain’t bad).I’m looking forward to tomorrows half day sail and getting to pass on our newly learnt knowledge of sailing a tall ship, as I am sure the rest of the crew would agree.CheersCaptain RoryG\’day Shipmates, Captain Gunna here back in command. This YC did a tremendous job over the last 24 hrs and they should be very proud of their achievements. In just one short week they have come a long way and they did an excellent job. What I found most pleasing was that it was a real team effort with everybody making a contribution. They siezed the day. Tomorrow is a big day with the Half Day sail which we\’re all looking forward to.Chat tomorrow.Captain GunnaCarpe\’ Diem


24° 47' South / 152° 27' East


At anchor off Port Bundaberg. Calm.