Captain's Log
2 October 2001

Mission accomplished

Command Day was a success. Well done, YOUTH CREW. After plenty of frustrations and the wind God not playing the game, the YC gave us a tremendous display of teamwork to overcome their problems. They sailed the ship to anchor and the Beach Assault Team wove their magic ashore getting several people to sing the National Anthem with them as they claimed a beach. I resumed Command shortly afterwards and we berthed at the Navy Wharf at HMAS PENGUIN for a trip to the shops. Woody and his helpers cooked a BBQ ashore as the thunderstorms arrived and we had a semi- soggy dinner. Later that evening we talked about the Command Day and have hopefully learned something from the successes and triumphs and the not-so-good parts.Tonight we’ll stay here and tomorrow we’ll go around to Garden Island to pick up our guests for the half day sail.Youth Crew entry by Kara age 21 from Melbourne i would first like to say Happy Birthday to my dad and hello to my family and friends. i have had a great time on the ship and am sad to say it is almost over. i have had some great new experiences and meet lots of new and wonderful people while aboard. i hope to keep in contact with all my new friends who have shared this great journey with me. i have climbed to the aloft many times and heaved on sheets etc. and have gained blisters and many bruises along the way. as this trip is almost over i would like to thank everyone involved in organising such a experience for the youth of Australia, i’m sure that every one on board will leave here knowing more about themselves and the boundaries in which they break. so i would just like to say for anyone who is thinking of having a go on the Young Endeavour come find out what a great time and the many new friends that you make. to my family lastly see you thursday. Happy Birthday, Mackenzie.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


33° 50' South / 151° 15'


Current situation at 1800: In Hunter's Bay, Balmoral, Sydney Harbour. Temp 14C, thunderstorms, BBQ's and a talkfest. Wind nor'east at 14 knots.