Captain's Log
30 December 2000

Mighty, fearless sailors

1800 hA fairly calm nights sailing was had and we got some rest. The wind gods certainly don’t want us in Hobart. The weather has been against us since leaving NSW waters. Our storm sails are still rigged but we aren’t making great speed, so this afternoon we set the forestaysail and the big mainsail only and are powering along at 7 knots. The spirits of the YC are improving – everyone is over their seasickness and we had a set of Red Faces this afternoon in the cafe. Tonight we will hold three way talks for some more entertainment. We’ve got about 140 miles to go and fingers and toes crossed we should berth in Hobart before midnight Sunday.Youth Crew entry by Denise De Paoli, Griffith NSW:The youth crew has undergone great evolution over the last 2 days, from crawling seasick slugs to mighty, fearless sailors. Even Popeye would be proud of us. Once the crew got their strength back,we began to enjoy our sea adventure. Morale was boosted and we were prepared to take on the notorious Bass Straight, which at first to our surprise was as calm as a cup of camomile tea. We laughed in its face but little did we know that she was brewing an almighty storm. Currently we are hoping to make it to Hobart in time for the New Years Eve Celebrations because we feel that the hardships that we have triumphed so far, are worth celebrating. Speak tomorrow,Andrew Davis


43° 1' South / 148° 20'


At sea off St Marys, Tasmania. Wind Southerly at 25 knots. Temp 11C.