Captain's Log
18 November 2000

Meow Shaggy Cow

This is our second day at sea and the YC are loving it. They are a very harmonious group, getting on really well and are sharing some great times together. We have done a lot of sail handling today ��� the demonstrational tacks went well and tonight they will undergo the Bear Exercise. Today we had some quiet time where we shut down the generator and just sailed. This afternoon Donny the Bosun, and one time surfing champion, instructed the YC in surfing and of course what to do in the event of a wipeout. Tomorrow we will briefly enter JB for a lunchtime BBQ before heading further south.Youth Crew entry by Madeleine Kent, 16, of Collaroy: I am having the time of my life! The YC members are awesome ��� have made friends that will last longer then a lifetime. All YC members are becoming more comfortable, relaxed and confident with each other – and the Youth crew and the ship are starting to become one.The first couple of days were testing in the rain, climbing up that mast in the wind and the wet wasn’t very fun, however our prayers have been answered and the sun is shining. We are all soothing sunburn. We are working as a team – understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It is unbelievable how quickly we 24 YC crewmembers have become so close. I am having heaps of fun (especially now that the sun is shining) and I can’t believe that we are almost half way through the trip. Cya later Chops-ciao meow shaggy cow. Hi mum.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


35° 20' South / 151° 0'


Current Situation at 1800: Thirty miles to sea off NSW South Coast. Wind southerly at 5 knots. A balmy day. Temp 22C.