Captain's Log
27 November 2009

Melbourne Weather!

Voyage Log – Friday 27 Nov 09/ Day 10Melbourne weather! ��� you know what I mean – and it has all come true in the last few days. We have had it all. Fortunately we were spared from the worst and were even lucky enough to have some the best around as we headed out into the Bay for a half-day sail. This event exists so that those otherwise unable to experience a full voyage can enjoy YOUNG ENDEAVOUR, as well as to provide the chance for the now salty Youth Crew to act as hosts – to show their pride in the Ship and in their achievements. Today we were pleased to have guests from Shepparton Access Disability, Challenge, and Women Against Marginalisation join us, as well as the Mayor of the local Hobson’s Bay City Council, Cr. Peter Hemphill. We hope they all had a good time ��� I know the Youth Crew were at their best as hosts and that not many of Snowey’s donuts and cream-buns made it to the bridge! It wasn’t long after we landed our guests that it was back out to sea, however, and making way to our anchorage position in the calm waters of Hobson’s Bay. As I write this the entire crew is laying aloft to put their best harbour furls into the square sails and making sure we look all ship-shape for the final day!Hope to see many of you tomorrow …Captain Paul.


37° 51' South / 144° 55' East


Sunny and 29 degrees with winds of up to 15 knots from the north...