Captain's Log
2 January 2009

Marshall Bay

Ahoy Shipmates, Overnight the weather in Bass Strait deteriorated and by sunrise this morning we were still 25nm to the west of Inner Sister Island battling a 25-30kt south easterly with a very unpleasant 3m swell. Given these conditions I decided that the anchorage at Inner Sister Island would be too exposed and decided to head for Marshall Bay which is located on the north western side of Flinders Island. Throughout the morning we continued to battle strong headwinds and made slow progress towards our new anchorage. By 1145 we had finally made it to the entry to Marshall Bay so all sail was handed in and we motored the final 5nm to our planned anchorage just of the small township of Port Davies. Once safely at anchor we commenced ferrying the YC ashore conscious of the fact that they were keen to set foot on ���terra firma�� and we wanted to maximise their time ashore in such a remote and beautiful part of the country. While ashore the Youth Crew were given the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear water, play beach sports or just have a stroll along the beautiful beach. This evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed a famous YE ���teak deck BBQ��, followed by a very entertaining session of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise). As this is our first night at anchor since departing Port Phillip Bay all watches have been reduced to anchor watches for the night allowing both YC and staff the opportunity to get a good nights sleep, ensuring that everyone will be well rested for the days ahead. Please find attached entries from some of the Youth Crew.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav Youth Crew Entries Voyage 3-09Everything looks much better now the ships stopped rocking and the sea sickness has passed. We finally felt solid land today, though the beach wasn’t for the faint hearted we got some nice photos. Since I was passed out on the deck for the past couple of days there’s not much else to report.Missing family and friends especially Reece Alice xxTo my family, friends and anyone else reading. Today we were sailing across the bass straight. On the night/early morning of day 2 I threw up 3 times in 4 hours. Definitely a memorable part of the trip. We also climbed to the top mast on day one which was utterly scary and I can guarantee I will try my hardest not to do it again. I miss everyone at home and I literally can’t wait to be back. My true feelings, fears and thoughts will be revealed to those who know me in due course. Love you and miss you all. Laura xxHey hey all you fine people out there in internet land!What to say about this trip so far��_ well so far so good��_unless of course you count the 3rd day where everyone spent the majority of the entire day attached to the railings and spewing over the side, or trying to die slowly on deck. Good times ey?  So now everyone seems to be getting their sea legs, even me (I have recently discovered that bananas taste the same coming up as they do going down��_useful information for ya there!)Anyhoo it was nice to hug the giant rocks today here at flinders island��_dry land equals instant happiness! No doubt I shall say hi to you all again. I hope you are all enjoying the comforts of your nice cosy warm beds *shakes fist at you all*��_just kidding, its still fun even with the spew fest!BroganAhoy there! Having a great time ��� although I managed to be the first to feed the fish on the first night! Sad I know, but I did climb to the top of the mast which was pretty scary and I’m yet to do it again, I couldn’t have done it with out the encouragement of staff. The first 2 days were stinking hot, but we all battled on. Just came back from being on land for the first time since we left, was happy to say that I’ve now been to Flinders!! It looks like we will be heading to the famous wineglass bay (LOL!!), but I’m not sure when so don’t set up camp yet because I don’t know how long you could be waiting  All the youth crew and my awesome watch the whiteys are all great people to be on the ship with and I have no regrets at all! Can’t wait to see you all ��� Hugs and kisses to mum, dad sarz, mel, Chris, Ellie (ahh, digging!!) and Ferdie and the Sliskovics!! Love KiraARRRRRGH!!!!! Hello to all on land, jealous much? Hehe Well everyone is saying how much they can’t wait to be home, but honestly I can, I’m having an absolute blast here! I’m in no rush to come home at all, sorry! Well so far it has been an awesome experience, have met lots of amazing people and made new friends. Well you won’t believe it but I am one of 5 people who hasn’t been sea sick! Wow. A wise man told me prevention is better than a cure, QUELLS are the best!!!! Have climbed the mast 3 times so far and getting better at it each day,  Have had a few visits from Nanna while on the ship whom looks very much like a man��_. Good times. Have plenty of videos and photos to show you all. Ok I’ll be honest I miss you all a little but will see you incredibly soon. Hope your all really jealous��_. Love always Jannah (OH and GUNNA IS THE BEST) lolHey Chelsea here. Having the best time ever! Been sick everyday but its getting better. Watched the sunset last night up on the sails which was amazing. Haven’t had to cook yet so that ship hasn’t burnt down yet  I am in a great team (the reds) everyone is so nice and supportive of each other (especially when we are sick) Taking heaps of photos so can’t wait to show you all. Missing you all lots and can’t wait to see you all Chels xoxo GLENNETH, GERALDINE, TIMOTHY and BENJAMIN!!!!! I bet your all missing me so much (especially Tim and Ben)!!! Having an awesome time and just thought I would say hi while I had a chance!!! Hope all is well and give Raz and Erica a good hug for me!!! See ya soon.. xxxx (that is of course if I don’t miss my flight home!!) xx Love your darling daughter Beck xxxxxHello everyone, Coops here!!!!! Loving the trip so far.. Amazing people everywhere & the views & sailing has been fantastic!! Middle Spoon I climbed to the top on the first night��_ Couldn’t say that you did it & I didn’t!!! I hope that the world of normal hasn’t made you & little coops normal!!! Missing the spoon cave family & a special shout out to butchie as I promised!!! Hello TMWMITWWW, now I’ve done the whole east coast!!! Also a hello to all at Monty Branch hope you’re surviving without me!! Look after my tradies!! Hope all is going well back on land & your missing me as much as I planned!!!!! Going to try not to miss my flight back home!!! Well off to have a disco BBQ on the deck, your all missing out!! Also GUNNA IS THE BEST!!!!! Goodnight to all, Much love Cooper xoxo p.s. There is only 5 of us that haven’t been sea sick & IM ONE!!Hey guys!!! Big miko here! Hope all is going fine back at home and good job to all my little cadeties back home who finished JLC!!! Haven’t been sea sick which I brilliant and am enjoying the trip thoroughly. Went for a swim in Bass Strait and didn’t get eaten by sharks��_ catchya’s later��_��_��_ Danyon xox Hello to all back at Albury!!! Kirsty here��_ Enjoying the trip so far and learning a lot. However I have been sick for two days and barely eaten so im really looking forward to the BBQ tonight. Apart from being curled up in a ball on the top deck and hanging overboard whenever required it has been fun and ive met lots of great people. Hoping that the sea sickness is over so that I can now enjoy the next week.. but I will be looking forward to getting home��_. Kiss and hugs to Jarrod, Mum, Dad, Regal, Vinnie, Indie and all of Albury Branch��_. Jason today is the third day and the day you suspected to be my flip out day.. It definatley was a good guess as today I was the extremely sick and a few time considered going overboard��_ I think even once I ask for my mum hahaha!!! Miss everyone.Ahoy there all ye folk back home, Kieran here. Just thought I’d let you know how I was��_ Day 1 started off fine until I had to climb to the top of the foremast, which made me a bit ill but not sick. Day 2 started off well after a bad sleep up on deck, we learnt a few of the ropes and sails which became easier over the next few days. Day 3 was a bit of a blur as I was really sick after feeling fine during our 0000-0400 watch, as soon as I was below deck it started and didn’t stop until the next night. Day 4 feeling better in the morning not having eaten anything since dinner the day before and having lunch was the start of the turn around. We’re already at Flinders Island, Marshall Bay, which was a good day on dry land��_To Michelle, missing you very much and can’t wait to see you in Hobart, love you lots xox xox xox.Hey folks! Sailer James ���ere.. Arrrhh! Young Endeavour first few days have kicked off tops, absolutely loving it apart from my one ���yelp’ so far over the side this Sunday morning in the rough seas. Best event so far..climbing! Great fun and very challenging.


40° 0' South / 147° 52' East


Currently at anchor in Marshall Bay (Flinders Island) and experiencing moderate easterly winds