Captain's Log
29 May 2000

Man Overboard?

In preparation for command day, the final set of sail drills was conducted in the afternoon. Each watch in turn was required to prove to me that they had the ability to set and furl each type of sail. After a shaky start it seemed to come together for them and the end result was quite pleasing. After the sail drills we threw a life ring in the water to test our ‘man overboard’ procedures which went well. There was a funny side to this but more on that later.The ship came to anchor off Coolangatta late in the afternoon and there was still enough daylight to open the pool for the few hardy (foolish) souls who were willing to brave the cool water. In the evening, command day elections were held and judging from the noise levels coming from the cafe, a very high level of enthusiasm and team spirit was indicated.At 0800 I handed command of the ship to ‘Captain’ Dan Lincoln and youth crew 09/00. For the next 24 hrs the youth crew will have charge of the ship and sail her from Coolangatta to Caloundra. It’s a big ask but I’m confident that they will succeed. At the moment they are cleaning the ship and making preparations for sailing.YC entry by Ryan Walker (age 22 from Newcastle) – We were told yesterday we would elect our own crew and take control of YE for 24 hrs. This was both frightening and daunting. Well last night we did it and elected a crew to sail this mighty ship to Calloundra. Each of the positions was not filled by popularity vote, but rather electing the best person based on their skill and ability known by fellow youth crew. Yesterday we performed drills on all different aspects of sailing the ship to ensure our readiness for such a responsible task. After these drills, we heard a sudden cry from Nathan, the XO, ‘man overboard’. This cry directed everyone’s attention to the side, however where was the man? I was grabbed firmly on the shoulders by Ducky and Woody (staff watchleaders) and I thought I was about to be thrown over the side. I was petrified and started to struggle until it was explained to me that I had been elected to keep an eye on the man in the water (life ring) until it was recovered. This job I was happy to do. We all had a good laugh about it later.It’s a great day to be sailing.cheerioAndrew (and Ryan)


28° 9' South / 153° 32'


At anchor Coolangatta, Wind 310/10kts, Temp 17