Captain's Log
27 November 2015

Mallory Seamount

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day five of our voyage. The weather did improve overnight but this morning found us close to the Mallory Seamount which due to the unique weather conditions has a very unusual swell which we found ourselves in the middle of. To be honest it felt like being in a washing machine and it didn’t matter what course we altered to we continued to be tossed around. Needless to say we got away from there as quickly as possible and by lunch time had cleared this area and were enjoying a much more pleasant sea state.Given the improved conditions we reactivated our program today conducting our second round of rope races, a lesson on navigation by Dr Nick and a sail theory presentation given to Red Watch by me during the first dog.All signs of seasickness have now disappeared and you can see our World Voyagers settling into their watch routine and becoming more confident with everything onboard which is pleasing to observe.Currently we are located 300nm to the south east of Cape Town motor sailing due to the light conditions. We have now reached 37 degrees of latitude and will continue on our south easterly course until we start to pickup the stronger westerly trade winds which are forecast in the next couple of days.Writing the Captains Log for this evening is White Watch, please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav CAPTAINS LOG 27 NOV 15On our fourth day at sea we woke to slightly calmer conditions and the lockdown of only entering the deck via the staff mess was dropped. New faces emerged at meal times as sea sickness finally began to clear. The café was a buzz with new energy, chess and card games. White Watch guided by their fearless leader Dougie, pulled off a solo watch wear the night before, Bec, Brig, Jack and Hamish, with the assistance of the knot bible, tackled a new knot to tie up the storm jib. But there was no rest as the morning brought new tasks as Matt, Hamish, Bec and Tam scrambled up the main mast to sea furl the main sail. With two swells it was time to take down the sails and rely on the engines until conditions improved.Nana made her first appearance at morning brief, bringing with her a collection of World Voyage crew items found (or stolen) scattered amongst the berths, from the night’s rocky weather. As punishment for being an untidy bunch we joined the crew as they instructed us in a classic Young Endeavour tune of crabs and seashells. Happy hour was in full swing after a day off cleaning stations due to rough weather conditions. A wet weather gear intervention was required after many World Voyagers struggled to find their allocated gear each time they went on watch. Kate after her hard work in the galley rejoined white watch, as Nick and other ‘voluntolds’ from each watch made up the new galley crew.Another delicious lunch was followed by a few hours of down time before rope races on the deck. While Red and Blue watches were able to gain a few points, white watch was again victorious -overwhelming the other watches with team work and smooth efficiency, although we need to be wary as another watch was spotted working on their sail theory in an aim to take our title in rope races to come.Dr Nick presented the world voyagers with an initial navigation briefing at midships. He began with an introduction of instruments and techniques used by early sailors and explorers moving to the equipment we currently use on Young Endeavour. The sun was out and a few took to the deck to exercise or simply play chess in the sun. Meanwhile downstairs some serious card action was underway. Sail master Kenny, teamed with Matt C ‘team Manny’ attempted to take on Bec and Tam ‘the Tack attack’ at 500 with the boys staging a momentous comeback to take the lead at game end.It is now a pleasant evening as we write this Captains Log on the last dog watch. A challenge has presented itself as Horto services the oil in the engine and we have been given strict instructions to keep the helm on a course heading of 115 degrees. For every degree you fall outside you must complete a push up with Dougie matching each push up to return home a fitter man.We are excited to see what the next few weeks hold with friendships forming, our knowledge blossoming and sea sickness now conquered.Team Tack Attack out!Shout Outs!!!Hi Weatherburn Clan – Mum, Dad, Daniel, Grandpa, Jenny, Ruth, Kiwi, Todd and Noodles! I’ve finally kept my food down today yay and having a wonderful time! Miss you all lots and can’t wait to see you at Christmas!   Lots of love Tam (white watch)Hi Mum. Can you please check my post. From Matt Harland (red watch)Rose (red watch) sends a shout out to Jenko for making her potato, mushroom and leak pie for dinner – her favourite. Yum, yum, yum!


37 degrees 12 minutes South / 22 degrees 40 minutes East


Currently located 300nm to the SE of Cape Town and experiencing light to moderate ESE winds with a 1.5-2m SE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.