Captain's Log
12 April 2009

Making Steady Progress In Good Conditions

Hi Everyone, Overnight the wind increased to 30kts with a 4m following sea. In these conditions the ship achieved speeds of 11kts and made exceptionally good progress along the Eastern Victorian Coast. By sunrise this morning we were located 60nm to the south west of Point Hicks sailing downwind under all three squares. During the morning the Boats Officer conducted his interactive presentation on Rules of the Road and following lunch I spent time with all three watches imparting some of my knowledge on sail theory. At times our activities were pleasantly interrupted by pods of dolphins keen for a frolic and free ride in our bow wave. Cameras were always at the ready and some great photographs were taken of these wonderful creatures. By sunset we were located 15nm to the South West of Gabo Island still running square but moderating winds are starting to slow our impressive progress. During the night all watches will complete the BEAREX (teamwork and communication exercise) whilst the ship continues to make ground towards our next anchorage which at this time is planned to be Bermagui.Until Tomorrow, Take Care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


37° 41' South / 149° 51' East


Currently located 8nm to the SW of Gabo Island and experiencing moderate SW winds with a 2m SW swell.