Captain's Log
25 October 2002

Making Ground

Situation at 2000- Today has been non stop activity. During the night watches last night, the Youth Crew completed their second climb, practised knotsbends and hitches and went through the goal setting process. All hands were called on deck this morning at 06:30 for early morningactivity where XO Luke led them in a jog around the upperdeck. At the morning brief, Engineer Rags and Chef Stony gave briefs on some of the do\’s and don\’ts and practical tips. Watch Officer Damo entertained us with the Salty Sea Dog\’s description of how commonplace terms and phrases often have nautical origins. Happy Hour was the next order of business and before long the Ship was gleaming inside and out. The remainder of the forenoon and the first part of the afternoon was taken up with safety equipment, line handling and deck safety lectures.The Ship weighed anchor and sailed from Rose Bay at 14:00. Before long we had cleared the Heads and shaped a course South towardsJervis Bay. Setting and Furling drills and Tacking Drills kept all hands busy for the next few hours, and we are now making ground to the South. So far there has only been a few green faces and the majority of the Youth Crew were able to enjoy Chef Stony\’smagnificant choices for Supper.As we head South, we are expecting a Southerly change to pass through which will see the winds increase and the temperature drop. It will likely mean that we will have to beat our way to Jervis Bay and require all hands being called to Tacking Stations overnight.This will provide a good ghallenge for the Youth Crew and let them put into practise the skills they learnt today.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is a leading member of the Australian Sail Training Association and the International Sail Training Association. Membership in these organisations allows YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to contribute to and benefit from new developments in the sail training and experiential learning fields.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR GLOSSARY:Brigantine- A sailing vessel with two masts, of which only the foremast is square-rigged or crossed withyards. The mainmast is fore-and-aft rigged.Thought Of The Day: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


34° 10' South / 151° 22' East


At Sea under six sails Wind: Nor\'East at 15 kts, Sea State 3, Shy overcast.