Captain's Log
V05/18 Adelaide to Hobart
28 February 2018

Make-do Didgeridoo

Ahoy there! Welcome to day five of our voyage. The Youth Crew were awoken from their deep slumber by a White Watch song accompanied by Tahl playing a make-do didgeridoo (vacuum cleaner pipes) at 0700 this morning. The wind had freshened at times overnight up to over 30 kn, requiring a change to the sail plan. Then after an hour of some good sailing it would ease again to around 12 kn, allowing us to once again set more sails. Still the Youth Crew are getting great practice at working the sails. Just after breakfast we had a sudden wind shift and needed to re-arrange the sail plan so the Morning Brief was delayed until this had occurred. At about 0930 we held the brief, attended by Salty, who taught the crew some more ‘Pirate Attitude’ sayings and explained the history of the expression ‘to turn a blind eye’ and how it came from Admiral Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen when he held his telescope to his blind eye and declared he could not see the flag hoist ordering his fleet to disengage and so pushed-on to win a hard-fought victory. Today I gave my Sail Theory brief to each of the Watches individually. The brief was aimed at providing them with the knowledge of sail: functioning, planning, navigation, capabilities and limitations, which they will need for Command Day. Overnight all of the watches will undertake the Apples and Onions Self-awareness and Self – reflection activity as we continue to make good speed towards Port Davey. It has been an extremely productive day with all of the planned activities achieved and not a sign of any seasickness from anyone. Currently we are located 120nm to the WNW of Port Davey motor sailing in fresh WSW conditions, which we are expecting to continue through the night, giving us some good sailing. Until tomorrow, Yours aye,  Captain Mike Youth Crew Notes: For Sarah Gear – Yo Mum, Still alive. Only been sick once lol. Love ya Maddz


42 13.3' S / 143 27.2' E


Weather - overcast, Wind - 210 / 30 kn, Swell - 210 / 2.0 metres, Temp: 16 deg. C