Captain's Log
V09/19 Cairns to Airlie Beach
16 June 2019

Magnetic Attraction

Ahoy shipmates and welcome to a very productive day 4.It’s Sailmaster Dion here again to fill you in on the day’s activities. We have remained at anchor overnight and the Youth Crew have consolidated all the skills they have acquired to date. They did Navigation challenges, set and furled sails, did rounds and went for climbs. This morning with heavy hearts we said farewell to Mack, one of our amazing young youths who due to personal circumstances, could no longer complete the voyage. A massive shout out to you Mack, we miss you already.Today we concentrated on some small group activities, conducted round 2 of Rope Races and then Daz the Nav from Tas took our eager tall ships sailors through all the things they’d need to know regarding the weather.    The afternoon was spent ashore enjoying the delights of Magnetic Island and playing games, before returning on board for what can only be described as a spectacular sunset. I’ll now hand over to Bree and Kynan now to fill you in on the activities from their perspective.Until tomorrow, fair winds, Sailmaster Dion   Ahoy there Maties from Bree & Kynan.We have been at Anchor since last night in Horseshoe Bay off Magnetic Island. This morning started off with an amazing sun rise including a mixture of stunning colours with the song Beatles Song ‘here comes the sun’ playing perfectly in time for wakey-wakey and the sunrise. We did various onboard activities including pairing up with our 3-way talk buddies to learn more about each other and bring us closer together. All before taking the rubber duckies to shore for a quick swim, small shop and a fun filled day packed with games and fascinating conversations galore. After a hilarious game of Giants, Wizards and Elves and a thrilling but cracker of a mix-up of ball games e.g netball, football & Frisbee, we then headed into the small street of Pacific Drive for a shop and a little touristy action. Once back on board we had a chill/ groovy afternoon getting to know each other just a little better, later on in the evening we had tacos on deck from our very own junior master chefs of the day Filly, Keely and Luke, guided by none other than the finest chef on the seven seas Zack. Dinner was paired with a marvellous sunset that had a phenomenal array of light.  After the sun had set we gathered at mid-ships for a snazzy extravaganza producing what we had learnt during our three way talks as we got to know the other people onboard, followed by an intriguing talk about the environment from Jarray. She highlighted the effects of plastic and rubbish in the great barrier reef and the animals that call it home, she then gave all youthies and staff a metal straw to reduce our use of plastic straws and their production. There is a newly started company by her and her mother, which we are looking forward to checking out on Facebook  . . . when we get our phones back.Kynan- Hey family, what’s cooking? The weather up here is amazing we had sun all day today. The people onboard are an absolute blast to hang out with and I have made many new mates, see ya soon and have a good one Kynan out.Bree- A massive shout out to mum for making me come on this trip. Groovy days are ahead. Keen to see what good spirited mischief I will get up too next. Catchya on the flip:)


19-06.48S / 146-51.23E


Wind 160 at 7 knots                       Sea:  1                   Swell: Nil