Captain's Log
27 June 2009


CAPTAINS LOG V10/06 TUESDAY 27 JUN 06 Hello and welcome to the adventures of V10/06. Our voyage commenced at 1500 yesterday afternoon with the arrival of our new Youth Crew, most of whom are returnees from a previous voyage last year. After introductions it was straight into ships tours, dinner and before long, climbing the foremast. After a pleasant climb to the top it was time to depart Mackay and so at 2200, with a slight SSE breeze and a full tide we backed gently off the marina berth and headed out to Keswick Island. After a short 20nm passage we came to anchor at 0110. A pleasant night at anchor has been followed by the excitement of a new day and the challenges ahead. Ian Hibbard LEUT, RAN Captain V10/06


21° 10' South / 149° 10' East


Weather: cloudy, wind SSE 20-24kts.