Captain's Log
8 July 2002

Loving Every Minute

Situation at 20:00- Command day started at 08:00 this morning with the formal handover of command to the Youth Crew Captain, James. The first order of business was to land the Beach Assault Team (BAT) at Noosa and claim a part of the beach for the youth of Australia. Through some innovative means the BAT were able to convince 30 local people tojoin them in the singing of Advance Australia Fair. Overall it was a very impressive turnout.Due to the lack of winds, we weren’t able to weigh anchor until 1130. Once underway, the Youth Crew tried several different sails in an attempt to squeeze every last ounce of speed out of the wind. When they finally secured from tacking stations a fabulous supper of Spaghetti Bolognese awaited them.As I write this, we are Southbound for waypoint ‘Shrek’. The challenge overnight for the Youth Crew is to gain the maximum advantage from what little wind there is as they shape a course to their destination at Caloundra. They have already shown that they can develop innovative solutions to problems. Now they need to ensurethat their teamwork skills are also finely tuned.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File – The total sail area carried onboard is over 740 square meters and capable of producing speeds of up to 14knots.Thought of the day: Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin.Yours, AyeJohn CowanChristine Lymbery, 18, CanberraWell today is command day. We have been at sea nearly all day, and we can still see Noosa (where we left from) There is almost no wind and it has been a very slow trip. I have climbed to the top of both masts over the last week to do many different things… The view from up there is awesome. I hope to be able to climb more before the end of the trip which is getting closer by the day. Ever since the first day it has been just like one big long day, just with lots ofsleeping and eating. I am having an awesome time, and have learnt heaps and made lots of friends. Have morning watch in a few hours (love the morning watch) so I had better go to bed. Hi toeveryone at home, see you when I get back. Love Christine xxxJennifer Woodgate, 22, Cobar NSWHello all you land lovers. After a week at sea I have decided I don’t want to go back to work or civilisation, this is just too much fun.This morning I was a part of the BAT team, before setting off on a 1.5 mile paddle to shore I was able to get hold of Mix FM radio station where I did a quick interview with the morning show trying to get people down to Noosa Beach. When we arrived there was a photographer from the local paper, who took our photos. I was alsointerviewed by the paper when back on the ship, so all in all this has been a really exciting day for me, not that the rest of it hasn’t been. I’ve also been aloft, I’m bruised, battered and tired, and loving every minute. So a big hello to all those in Cobar (Cobar Blues rule) and to all Brissy guys. I’m off to bed so have a goodone, see ya all when I get back.Jen xxx


26° 19' South / 153° 8'


At sea half way through Command Day in Wind: North @ 5 kts