Captain's Log
5 August 2002

Lots of Enthusiasm!

Situation at 20:00-Voyage V16/02 commenced this afternoon at 16:00 when we sailed From Gladstone with a full compliment of 24 Youth Crew onboard. The Staff Crew for the voyage consists of Captain John, Executive Officer Paul (Chook), Navigator Luke, Watch Officer Joanna (Jo),White Watch Leader Chantel (Channie), Red Watch Leader Athol (Wiggy), Blue Watch Leader Chris (Polly), Engineer Gregg (Rags) and Chef Karen (Kaz).The Youth Crew have just completed their first climb. They went up and over the Futtock Shrouds and the Lower Top with little difficulty and lots of enthusiasm. The first watch has just closed up and the remainder of the Youth Crew are off to get their heads down for a few hours before they are called for their turn on deck. Overnight, theYouth Crew will once again be aloft, this time out on the yards with their Watch Leaders. They will also learn to tie the knots, bends andhitches they will need when working on deck and aloft.The Youth Crew have a busy few days ahead of them but they are very keen and willing to learn and have a terrific attitude.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR fact file: The Ship is fitted with two Stokes anchors that each weigh 353 kg. Each anchor is attached to 5 shackles of 17.5 mm cable (one shackle equals 90 feet).Thought of the day: Never accept what can be gained by giving in. You will be living off stolen goods, and your muscles will atrophy.Dag Hammarskjold.Yours, AyeJohn Cowan


23° 50' South / 151° 19'


At anchor off Gladstone Wind: SE at 5 kts.