Captain's Log
11 July 2000

Lightning flashes

Brother Nutzie’s efforts proved worthwhile yesterday evening as a moderate SW breeze came in allowing the engines to be shut down. All hands were required on deck at midnight to wear ship as the ship made reasonable speed to the north.At 0700 the breeze started to pick up even more and fairly soon the ship was being powered along by a 25kt southerly. The ship reached across the Whitsunday Passage in glorious sunshine. The conditions were perfect for sailing. We threw in a few tacks and finally wore ship to the north to proceed into Dent Passage, the narrow piece of water between Dent and Hamilton Islands. After lunch we shut down the generator to run silent, and as always, the sound of only the wind and the waves is very peaceful. The tranquillity was broken as Kath, the XO, barked out a series of orders to wear ship as we re-entered the Whitsunday Passage. We ran to the north and came to anchor off Hayman Island at 1500. We soon had the YC ashore on the beach and many of them went snorkelling on the local reef. I decided not to mention that Paul and I had spotted a small shark when checking out the beach landing thirty minutes previously. We all returned onboard at sunset and enjoyed another of Woody’s great BBQs on deck. It was Ducky’s birthday today and we celebrated in style, although Ducky seemed a little less than keen to get too excited about entering his 30th year. Poor old fellah!Today has been another of those really special Young Endeavour days. The sailing was magic, the weather perfect and the scenery just beautiful. I hope the YC appreciate just how fortunate they have been. Tomorrow we will weigh anchor at 0800 and continue our voyage to Townsville some 130nm to the NW. YC entry by Seneva Baira (22 yrs from Mount Isa) – It was the perfect night for sailing. The moonlight shone on the water and the stars were just as bright. From a distance the clouds were highlighted by the flashing of lightning. Then the wind picked up and our adrenalin rush started as we were all called to our tacking stations. The wind challenged us as we heaved on the ropes. With teamwork we overcame our challenge and won. We then were relieved of our watch and retired to our cabins. I awoke to the smell of fresh croissants cooking. To my surprise the boat was rocking from side to side and so was my head. As we sailed through the Whitsunday Passage,I got to see the great scenery while my head was over the side of the ship. As the water got a little calmer, I started to feel great. We anchored at Hayman Island where we went snorkelling and watched the most deadly sunset from the beach. After returning to our ship, Woody, our excellent chef, prepared us a BBQ that was fulfilling. We all then spent time together dancing and singing on deck.Andrew (and Seneva)


20° 2' South / 148° 53'


At anchor Hayman Island, Wind NE 10kts, Temp 20, Clear evening