Captain's Log
9 July 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 17 of our voyage. Overnight we continued to make good speed under sail south and are now located 156nm to the west of Lisbon, Portugal enjoying light – moderate NNE winds.Each day of this voyage the weather gets warmer and gone are the World Voyagers complaints about the cold and the horrible European summer. Hopefully now we can all finally put away our thermals and wet weather gear and start to enjoy the warm and sunny day’s as we approach the northern tropics.Today has seen us busy setting and furling sailings, conducting demonstrational tacks and also improving our Spanish (thank you Vita and Amy) in preparation for our visit to Tenerife. Everyone appears to have settled well into the Three Watch routine and all seem to be really enjoying their time at sea.This evening we are back to White Watch writing the Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Axel and Jess.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log Monday 7 September 2015Holla, It’s our fifth day at sea since departing from Brest, we are sailing roughly 150nm of the coast of Portugal heading south west (ish) to Tenerife. Courtesy of the lovely Red watch our day started with a highly traditional Spanish omelette breakfast complete with Chorizo, shredded cheese, sombreros and authentic Spanish moustaches. Our salty story for the morning detailed a lovely tale of an original use for the ships head which I’m sure nobody will forget quickly. Happy Hour (Cleaning time) followed this and with this out of the way the regular ship duties recommenced.Demonstrational tacks was the next order of business, this activity saw the youth crew under instruction from Captain Gav tack the bow or stern of the ship through the wind while adjusting the sails and yards to catch the wind on the other side of the ship.During this everyone worked up a healthy appetite and we were all thankful for Marcus’ hard work in the galley preparing a burger feast for lunch. Bob had three helpings and was declared the burger king of the boat.Siesta time followed lunch for both red and white watch; With a chick flick keeping many of the of duty crew entertained in the canteen – Maddie, Annie Kate and Rudy baked several trays of scones for the afternoon feast. These sc ones came in handy during the afternoons activities, Rope races pitted the three watches against each other in a fierce competition of knowledge on sail theory, Red watch tried to win favour with Hordo by copying his patented fashion style of vest, socks and sandals but at the end of the competition with the scores tied up a “scone off” was required to break the deadlock. Each team selected a champion scone swallower who was required to catch with their mouth several scones thrown by a team mate. Vita emerged victorious from this activity, covered in sweat and nutella she gave white watch their first victory in rope races.After cleaning the copious amounts of nutella, jam, cream, scones and the tears of red and blue watch from the deck we took a well earned break, read books in the sun and pursued cultural activities including portraiture, nail painting and singing.This was followed by some experimental sail setting with Hordo and White watch hoisting the Storm Jib between the Fore and Main mast – the results of this have yet to be confirmed.So ends another day, until next time from the young endeavour crew and voyagers we wish you all the best.Axel + Jess (White Watch)


39 degrees 22 minutes North / 12 degrees 45 minutes West


Currently located 156nm WNW of Lisbon, Portugal sailing under a full press of sail and experiencing light - moderate NNE winds with a .5m swell. Our current speed is 4.5kts and the temperature is a very pleasant 21 degrees.