Captain's Log
15 July 2009


Hi Everyone,Welcome to Day 3 of the voyage. At sunrise this morning Young Endeavour was located 15nm to the east of Edward Island enjoying a moderate south westerly with unseasonably warm conditions. Following breakfast and morning brief we wore ship (put stern through the wind) and commenced making ground to the north. Throughout the morning I spend time with each of the watches discussing sail theory and in particular the intricacies of sailing Young Endeavour. Early afternoon saw the Youth Crew compete in their first set of ‘semi competitive’ rope races. On completion of this activity Kenny the Navigator mustered everyone at midships and presented his informative and interactive lesson on the scientific art of navigation. Once this lesson was complete I initiated a man overboard exercise (MOBEX) so that the YC could be given the experience of handing in all sail and recovering someone (in this case a life buoy) from the water. To finish of a very busy afternoon I stopped the ship and we all enjoyed a refreshing swim in amazingly clear water that was approximately 50 meters deep. This evening the wind moderated to less than 10kts and in very light conditions we are making very slow progress towards Butterfly Bay (Hook Island) which I have planned to be our first anchorage for the voyage.Highlights for the day1. Sighting numerous whales2. Watching Dolphins enjoying themselves in our bow wave3. Diving of the ship and enjoying the sensation of swimming in water that is 50 meters deep.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav     


20°13's / 149°19'e


Currently located 7nm to the NE of Hasslewood Island and experiencing very light NW winds.