Captain's Log
17 October 2009


Hi Everyone,Welcome to Day 8 of the voyage. By sunrise this morning we were located 30nm to the south west of Dirk Hartog Island motor sailing due to very light conditions and the requirement to maintain a speed of at least 5kts so that we be in close proximity to Fremantle by mid afternoon on Monday 19 October. The reason for this is that we have accepted a challenge to race STS Leeuwin 11 on Tuesday 20 October and we want to have a good nights rest at anchor prior to the race.Today has been another busy one for the Crew of Young Endeavour as we have been completing a number of activities in preparation for the commencement of tomorrows Command Day. The first of these activities was demonstrational tacks. These set of tacks give the YC the opportunity to experience tacking the ship from the bridge so that they have a better understanding of the orders and procedures required to successfully carry out this manoeuvre. On completion of these tacks we went straight into Captains setting and furling drills. These set of drills are the final check of the Youth Crews sail handling skills prior to me handing over the ship for Command Day. Late this afternoon I presented my Command Day brief which was closely followed by the Command Team elections. Following these elections we enjoyed another one of Chef Chad’s amazing dinners then ventured back on deck to witness a fantastic WA sunset.At present we are located 65nm to the north west of Geraldton still motor sailing due to the very light and variable conditions. Overnight the Youth Crew will continue to consolidate their navigation, sailing and climbing skills in preparation for the challenge of taking command of the ship at 1000 tomorrow morning.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav     


27°52's / 113°47'e


Currently experiencing light and variable conditions with a 1m SW swell.