Captain's Log
3 February 2001

Life is indeed beautiful!

Motorsailed overnight due to the demanding task of getting to Newcastle with persistent NE winds. Have made reasonable progress toward our first overnight anchorage which all are hoping to make by tomorrow night. Had a busy day today with another round of ‘rope races’ – an inter-watch competition to see which watch is best ‘learning the ropes’. The sail theory lecture and demonstration tacks followed, giving the YC an insight into what will be vital for the success of their upcoming ‘command day’ ��� their opportunity to take charge of the ship for a day.Many are proving to be keen navigators and sail setting is becoming second nature. All is shaping up well and with seasickness now past, the true character of the group is beginning to emerge. There are more challenges around the corner and all seem ready and raring to confront them. Numerous humpback whale sightings were a highlight. Until tomorrowFair winds and following seas to you allMatthew RoweYouth Crew Entry for Saturday 3 Feb 01:After leaving Sea scouts at the age of 14, I thought that I had experienced all the highlights of sailing and water adventure. After pulling myself up the fore mast, tying up sails on yards, watching whales blow out their spouts and watching dolphins glide through the water next to me, I realised that my adventures are just starting. It is a great experience and although I have had my fair share of seasickness, I would never think twice about doing this athousand times ��� Dave, 17.Wow. What an amazing couple of days we’ve had. This afternoon has got to top the lot though, hanging with all my trust in two metal clips and a harness atop the tallest sail on board. The thrill of successfully sea furling a big sail to its yard 90 ft above the pitching deck is only surpassed by watching a pod of dolphins swim past the bowsprit. Life is indeed beautiful! Missing you all back home, but will be back soon enough to recount some absolutely mind blowing experiences at sea. Bestest ��� Patrick, 23.


38° 21' South / 149° 33'


Situation at 1800: At sea making ground toward Twofold Bay. Temp 22C Wind 063/18 knots.