Captain's Log
24 April 2002

Life At Sea

Current situation at 1800: Unfortunately we have still had no significant wind, the anticipated cold front having slipped well down to the south of us,so once again we have had to motor for the last 24 hours. Overnightthe Youth Crew continued to settle into life at sea, this morning it was another exciting round of rope races and this afternoon with the sea almost mirror smooth we took the opportunity to stop the ship and go for a swim in the middle of Bass Strait. Suitably refreshed it was then time for a bit more theory, with a lecture on how to sail a tall ship.Now we are once more underway heading for Eden where we plan to anchor for the night.Thats all for now,Cap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Ty Belnap aged 23 from Sunshine Coast.Hi Mum, Ty here having a good time and making new friends. My best friends on board are Luke and Bullet because they know my sister, Luke was her teacher. The vogage brings back old times withyou and our boat. Lots of love and miss you heaps. Bye.Youth Crew entry by Simon Richardson aged 17 from Bomaderry.Having the best time ever. Since day one its been loads of fun and adventure. I just wanna say hi mum and dad, I don’t think I could have done it without you. We’re stopping at Jervis Bay some time this week but not quite sure, and give a big hug to the kids and a bigger one to Casey please. Well I was Watch Leader today, it wasgreat. Everybody is such good friends on here, not much sailing cause light winds but hey, will get some soon I hope. Well gotta go.Love u all missing u like hell and missing Casey as well.


37° 18' South / 150° 5'


Wind north 5 knots, clear skies, temperature apositively balmy 21C.