Captain's Log
28 July 2001

Laundromat Therapy

Yesterday’s gale force winds were short lived and by midnight we had reset most fore and aft sail and indeed soon after were motoring as the wind died to less than 6 knots. This made for a most uncomfortable night with near continuous rain ��� no wind and the ship rolling sharply in the short, collapsing seas left behind.As we are committed to an open day for the people of Geraldton tomorrow, the Youth Crew’s Command Day has been postponed until we sail tomorrow afternoon. Today we came alongside Geraldton and, after cleaning ship and lunch, everyone enjoyed a spot of civilisation, including a visit to the laundromat for some. The break ashore was very much appreciated after the uncomfortable night last night. This evening Youth Crew will conduct their command team elections so they will be ready to take over the ship once we leave the harbour. Cap’n BobYouth Crew entry by Scott Lollback aged 20 from Tamworth N.S.W.After an exhilarating day yesterday with 40 knot winds and the bow sprit diving in and out of the water I awoke at 4am this morning to a dead flat sea with no wind, constant drizzle and very low visibility. We motored all morning in circles as we were too early to berth at Geraldton but eventually came in at around 10am. Tired, wet and smelly the youth crew made a beeline for the nearest laundromat. You could see the dollar signs in the proprietor’s eyes as we filled the machines with basically every article of clothing we brought aboard. Afterwards we hit the town, many participating in some retail therapy (mostly to replace items lost overboard) and fast food therapy (no offence Woody!!). On arrival back at the ship we were greeted by a carload of pizzas which disappeared rather quickly. Stomaches contented we settled in for our Command Day brief and then a very boisterous round of elections. The results were: CO Ben, XO Scott, Navigator Matt, Watch Officers Jane Zed Dan B, Watch Leaders Shelby Dan (aka Mini Me) Karmin, Cooks Sarah, Lil and Brett, Activity Coords Liam and Ash, and Beach Assault Team consisting of Gina, Phil, Will and Dan L.The mood aboard is very upbeat with everyone currently enjoying a disco at midships. Everyone is eagerly anticipating Command Day and looking forward to contributing to the team in their own unique ways. Personally I feel this will be the highlight of a sensational experience, a challenge I’m eagerly awaiting. I know we are all very well prepared for it due to the great training and inspiration we have received from the staff crew over the last 12 days. Hi and love to Mum, Dad, Andrew (Hope you beat Newington!!) and everyone else. GO THE WALLABIES!!!!


28° 46' South / 114° 35'


CO's Log 28 July 2001Situation at 1800 Saturday 28 July 2001: Position ��� alongside Geraldton. Conditions: wind north 12 knots, overcast, occasional showers, temp 20 degrees.