Captain's Log
21 November 2009


Voyage Log – Saturday 21 Nov/ Day 4The wind was not playing the game overnight and with the light we could see our own reflection in the glass-like water – a painted ship on a painted sea. But spirits were high as the prospect of hugging a tree became a reality for those who had been feeling a bit queasy. At morning brief our Salty Sea Dog – embodied in the Boats Officer – had, in recounting the history of life at sea, digressed and “let the cat out of the bag” with respect to many of the ancient sayings of mariners. With salty tales on their minds and the sound of the anchor cable in their ears, it was not long before there was renewed interest in Snoweys food – apparently it was highly inconsiderate of him to cook such beautiful food when one is not feeling so well. But there were no problems with that today, and having been landed just after lunch there was little room in any stomach for the long awaited fast-food of Portland. As I write this we are just about to finish another feast in the form of a teak-deck BBQ, and we look forward to hearing a little bit about everyone tonight as the Youth Crew each research and introduce another member of Voyage 18 to all in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.It is all about anchor watches and catch-up sleep overnight … hopefully we will sail away from anchor early tomorrow – let you know how it goes!Captain Paul


38°20's / 141°37'e


Overcast and 18 degrees with very little wind. Expecting it to pick-up from the SW early in the morning...