Captain's Log
V06/21 Brisbane to Gladstone
26 June 2021

Lady Musgrave Island to Gladstone Harbour

Ahoy there shipmates!

We started off the day with a 0630 wake up, walking around the ship with a stunning view of the sunrise coming up over Lady Musgrave Island. Just before breakfast, blue watch headed up the foremast to watch the sunrise. After breakfast we had our morning brief with special appearances from Salty, Cheeky Jack, Cheeky Jill and a horse.
After happy hour, 6 youthies took the boat out to snorkel during high tide. Seeing lots of starfish, coral, fish and sea cucumbers. Meanwhile the rest of the youth crew had the opportunity to jump off the bowsprit and swing off the rope swing.
After showers, the elected youthie Command Team met with their opposites, racking their brains for all the information they needed for command day. All the youthies met at midships to witness Captain Mike hand over control of the ship to youth Captin Carl… Finally the staffies get their well-deserved holiday!
The youthies were given a list of tasks to complete during command day. We completed our first task quickly with Cyrus and Frosty polishing the bell and compass. Meanwhile, Lex, Mia and Anne started working on tying knots. All of the youthies put their creative talents to use making a chalk mural on the midships deck. All youthies then participated in climbing aloft the foremast, sitting out on the yards and the lower top. Our last group task of the afternoon was making a hammock that could hold all 19 youthies by using rope.
After our new navigator Liam, sailing Master Dan and Captain Carl saw that our anchor was dragging they decided to weigh anchor early and head to our final command day destination.
Under youthie command, we quickly set the main staysail, fore staysail, main sail and jib. Then all youthies gathered in our new watch groups and started our watches.
Our new chefs, Molly and Goose cooked up some delicious spag bowl and pav. Which gave everyone the energy needed for the long night ahead of us with big winds and rough seas.

Jolie and Emma signing off.

Thank you Jolie and Emma. The have summarised the day’s events very well. We are currently experiencing stronger winds that were forecast. We expected 20 knots, and we are getting 25 – 30 knots at the moment. We have handed-in sail to reduce our speed so that we don’t arrive at Gladstone too early.

The plan is to go to anchor in the harbour on arrival.

Until tomorrow night. Yours aye, Captain Mike


23 51.8' S / 153 01.0' E


Wind: Southerly at 23 knots; Sea and Swell: 1.0 m from the south Weather: fine but overcast Temp: 18 deg C; feels like 14 deg C