Captain's Log
6 June 2001

Kiddies Bathing Pool

We had a quiet day today recovering from the hectic first two days. It’s still a little bumpy and the spew-o-meter is climbing. The clouds have been rolling by threatening to rain but they always end up clearing to give us some beautiful sunsets and then of course the full moon rises to light up the decks by night. Everyone’s spirits are slowly rising and lots of friendships are being made. We haven’t had a swim yet but in case we don’t we’ve got the next best thing – a kiddies bathing pool (no diving, no running, no bombing).Youth Crew entry by Jackie Stump, aged 17 from Sydney. It’s day three and the crew are all smiles. Everyone is getting along great guns, the staff crew are fantastic. We are kept busy through all hours, but the more we learn the more excited everyone gets. The gusty winds have done wonders for our sea-sickness tally, now climbing steadily, but we all survive with brave faces. A HUGE G’day to Mum, Dad and everyone else at home, as well as to all the crew in Killarney heights – you know who you are, especially Adam, Bec, Claire, and Chris. And Claire – I’ve had a turn at the helm and if I keep it up, we’ll be going ’round in circles in no time at all. I’ll see you all in two weeks. But until then, keep smiling everyone.Youth Crew entry by Kevan (Tini) Talimalie, aged 17yrs from Brisbane.Hello to all the people from Sandgate High and family and friends and Nerina. Thanks for all your support that motivated me. Its all good I’m having a time of my life. The food out here is AWESOME. I’ve made good friends. It’s being a good experience climbing up the mast, a great view and you feel like you’re on top of the world. Hopefully will reach Groote Eylandt by Friday with all staff and crew intact. It’s all good. SWEET SAILNG…signing off TINI.P.S I’d like to thank Chris who is probably having ‘a drink with Dunken’.P.S.S NERINA BELLA, TARMO HEAPS and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JERREMYStay tuned,Andrew Davis


13° 15' South / 139° 30'


Current situation at 1800: At sea in the centre of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Temp 28C, wind Sou East at 15 knots.