Captain's Log
18 April 2002

Kicking Major Goals

Current sitaution at 1800: The Command Day is complete and the YC kicked some major goals.After sailing all night making it to nearly all check points, they anchored the ship and sent the BAT ashore. The BAT returned victorious and easily within the time alloted. It was great to see all three square sails set – throughout the Voyage we didn’t need them and consequently the YC had only seen them set once briefly.Throughout the day YOUNG ENDEAVOUR was sailed brilliantly around Port Phillip Bay. But it wasn’t just about the sailing. It was thecoming together of the YC to perform exceptionally well as a team that impressed me.We had a debrief after the Command Day, had dinner and then we gathered at midships for the concert. Some very funny acts ensued with some hilarious impersonations of the crew – Rags and Polly especially.We will stay at anchor tonight and rest our weary bones.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


37° 50' South / 144° 55'


The evening after Command Day. Atanchor in Hobson's Bay, Port Melbourne. Wind sou'eaterly at 12 knots, temp 16C