Captain's Log
27 November 2000

Kath the Tug-boat Driver

Hi everyone. Most of our Youth Crew joined last night and spent today (before we sailed) looking over the replica HM Bark Endeavour, visiting Old Tom at the Eden Killer Whale Museum and going to the beach – a great way to start off a voyage.At 4.00pm we cast off lines and sailed with the help of Kath, the Tug-boat Driver, as the wind was too strong to get off the wharf by ourselves. We motored across the bay accompanied by a pair of very lively and very well fed dolphins and anchored for the night.We have a new chef with us for this voyage, Colin ‘Mac’ Mackenzie, who is preparing some gastronomical delights for us before we go on our first climb. It’s great to have him back. The Youth Crew are just about to go on a tour of the ship. They are very friendly bunch and they are settling-in very well.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


37° 6' South / 149° 55'


Situation at 1800 hours. At anchor East Boyd Bay, Twofold Bay. Wind Sou'east at 15 knots. Temp 18C