Captain's Log
2 September 2001

Kangaroo Island… At Last!

Happy Fathers Day! We made landfall today. For the first time in 6 days we were alerted by the call from the mast top ‘land ahoy’ and laid our eyes on Kangaroo Island. Nothing like precision navigation is there? Like I promised today was a big one. We started off with setting and furling drills and the YC passed with flying colours. Next it was the Command Day brief where they learnt all about their big day on Tuesday. By late afternoon we were setting and furling sails for the fun of it. This evening in the blustery conditions and a seascape lit by a full moon, we carried out a series of four tacks whereby the YC rotated through different tacking stations and also witnessed the procedure of tacking the ship from the bridge. The day is still young…tonight the YC will undergo a big test of their teamwork skills. By tomorrow lunchtime we should be anchored in American River, KI for some fun ashore….at last!Youth crew entry by Cathy Street.Now that the seasickness has finally passed, I am beginning to rediscover what it was that I loved about being on this ship the first time aboard. As a returnee, the faces on board and the challenges faced are different, but still they are still exciting and do not get any easier. The experiences I’ve had this week are unlikely to be repeated any time in the near future. From the challenges of weathering a storm of 50 knot winds and 6 metre swells, to facing the fears I had last time on board, it’s all added up to a fantastic week that I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to repeat.With the sighting of land today for the first time since leaving Esperance, combined with the warm sunny weather and calm seas, the general mood of the crew has been lifted considerably. We are all looking forward to stepping on solid ground tomorrow, but I’m sure once we get there we will want to be back on the boat and out sailing again as soon as possible.Just a quick note to home as well, as we have to go and tack the ship ��� happy birthday to mum and happy fathers day to dad – sorry I can’t be there guys. See you all soon.Youth crew entry by Emily Williams.Well we’ve sighted land at last, Kangaroo Island is no longer a far cry away. We should be there tomorrow morning. It will be good to stretch the legs on land. Today was a really good day I thought, as the weather was surprisingly good and we could finally hang up that rather bright coloured wet weather gear. We also saw some dolphins swimming beside the boat, which I’ve missed seeing the few times they were there earlier. So far I’ve had a great time, even in the wind and rain it has still be fun and exciting. Cya when I get back to the good old main land. Hi to mum, dad and liv, also happy fathers day to you dad. xxxoooStay tunedAndrew Davis


35° 31' South / 133° 50'


CO's LOG Sunday 2 Sept 2001Current situation at 1800: At sea under full sail in Investigator Strait, South Oz. Wind westerly at 14 knots. Temp 13C.