Captain's Log
19 April 2001

Just one last look at the sea

The YC held end of voyage talks ashore last night after an exhausting time harbour furling the square sails but they did a great job on them. Last night we held a concert on deck. Afterwards some people were just too hyped up to sleep-they’ll be tired by the end of today. We left our berth for one last look at the sea this morning, before returning with the YC manning the yards for our entry to port. At a ceremony at midships when we berthed I presented Voyage Certificates to the YC in front of friends and family and the Order of Australia Emblem to Larry Hill, 18 of Mildura. Larry was keen, positive and contributed heaps to the Voyage and his crew mates. Well done, Larry.The YC departed at 11am and we were sad to see them go. It has been a very successful voyage and loads of fun. We spend the weekend in port at the Mackay Marina and the ship is open to the public, free of charge, 1- 4PM Saturday, 21 Apr 01.I’m off for the next voyage. Matt, the XO, will assume temporary command for the voyage to Townsville and will keep the Captain’s Logs coming . See you in two weeks…Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


21° 6' South / 149° 14'


Alongside Mackay Marina. By the way, it's still windy...