Captain's Log
24 April 2001

Jumping Over the Side

Having arrived at Keswick Is after dark yesterday, we awoke to find it a beautiful anchorage this morning. During the night our youth crew all climbed to the top of the foremast. That’s about 30 metres up, on a moving platform – a notable effort for their first night onboard. A light drizzle kept the morning temperature down and cloud cover for most of the day meant that the initial safety drills and sail setting and furling were able to be conducted without too much effect from the sun. When the temperature did begin to soar, we hove to and jumped over the side for a swim in the biggest pool in the neighbourhood. After a busy day we conducted some practice tacks, to ensure that everyone was familiar with their jobs in the event of having to turn the ship through the eye of the wind during the night. That complete we are continuing North in light airs to join the Dawn Service on Hamilton Island tomorrow. Until then, fair winds and following seasMatthew Rowe


20° 25' South / 149° 17'


Captain's Log 24 April 2001Situation at 1800: Making ground toward Hamilton Is, in the Whitsunday Group (named by Captain Cook who passaged through the area in the Endeavour Bark on Whit Sunday or Pentecost in June 1770). Wind from the SE at 15 knots. Clear skies. Temp 26C.