Captain's Log
23 August 2006

IVO Tweed Heads

After a long day yesterday, culminating with Tacking stations in the first dog watch, it was time to roll into watches over night. This was a good chance to settle down and put into practise some of what was learned during the day and at a slower pace.Morning brought about a brilliant sunrise with pleasant NE wind of 15-18kts. After a later start to the morning with wakey wakey at 0700, the day was kicked off with morning brief, which included an informative salty seadog tail and the all important visit from ships mum – aka ‘Nana Diesel’. After morning brief it was time for Happy Hour (cleaning stations!) and a very informative navigation lecture by Suz the Nav. The rest of the day was spent watching the occasional whale breaching, dolphins surfing the bow wave or lazing around on deck in the sun!In the afternoon watch a special occasion took place – all Staff and Youth Crew gathered in the main cafe to sing happy birthday to Youth Crew member Mick for his 21st Birthday!!! Happy birthday mate.Until tomorrow…Ian HibbardLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


28° 0' South / 153° 38' East


Wind NE'ly 15-18kts. Low sea. Sky partly cloudy.