Captain's Log
22 March 2002

It’s that Addictive!

Current situation at 1800:The teamwork activity went well last night and the YC sucessfully sailed the ship through the minefield of tuna fish farms amongst the islands and outside the port.YE berthed at the Main Wharf at 9AM and the morning was spent making the vessel ship shape. The Engineers have been busy today fixing our technical ‘glitch’ and we are getting ready to sail east into Investigator Strait tomorrow.This afternoon the YC went ashore on a glorious day. There were some relieved faces but I sense now they have got accustomed to the ship, they will enjoy the stop and be keen to get going again. It’s that addictive.We plan on having a BBQ on deck tonight – it’s that kind of evening.Youth crew entry by Jenni Clapshaw, 20 Sydney, and Michael Orr,22 Sydney:Today we went ashore after having finally adjusted to the sea sickness and were suprised to get wobbly legs. Is there such a thing as land sickness?After facing new challenges and being placed outside of their comfort zone, the Youth Crew are almost calling the Young Endeavour home. Whilst at sea it is almost as though there is no outside world.The team environment has expanded the youth crew’s outlook on life and we are all looking forward to the challenges to come on the remaining trip to Adelaide, especially Command Day.Hi to Raelene, Mark, Leigh, and Bruin, and all the Youth Crew’s family and friends.Stay tuned,Andrew R. DavisPS thanks to everyone in Port Lincoln and Adelaide who helped us.


34° 42' South / 135° 52'


Alongside in Port Lincoln. Wind easterly at 8 knots, temp 26C