Captain's Log
12 February 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 10 of our voyage. Well the temperature plummeted overnight and during Kenny’s Christmas Carol wakeup call he advised us that the temperature was a cool 2 degrees (I believe it was the Wind Chill Factor) but I’m not about to argue.

Morning brief saw everyone rugged up and I have to admit through beanies, scarfs and wet weather gear I was struggling to see any of the faces so it was hard to gage how everyone was handling the ‘Big Chill’. Kenny struggled with the World Voyage Morning brief audience and even failed to get a laugh from his very bad jokes but I think that was due to everyone just wanting to head below to cleaning stations so that they could get warm.

Despite this big chill we managed to get everyone up on deck this afternoon for another round of rope races which was followed by a good set of rotational tacks. This activity gives everyone the opportunity to change tacking stations so that they have a better understanding of what everyone else does when we tack the ship.

Today we have also had a noticeable change in the swell with it increasing to 2-3m which has made it a little uncomfortable but at present the ship appears to be handling it well as do the crew with no signs of the return of seasickness.

Overnight we have continued to make good speed and are now located 1200nm from Cape Town with about another 3,500nm to go until we reach Fremantle (some would say just a walk in the park after what we have sailed this year).

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Megan and Alice D from Red Watch, Please Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Ahoy there!

The Young Endeavour is now well and truly down in the Roaring 40s, and those who a few days ago were wishing for more exciting weather are finding their wishes more than amply fulfilled. We woke this morning to an announcement from Kenny that the temperature on deck was 2 degrees, and it feels like it hasn’t much warmed up since. This has, however, brought good winds and full sails, and we’re making excellent progress.

In slightly concerning news, Red Watch continues to shrink – this morning Rhi dislocated her patella (which was quickly popped back in) though on the bright side this does mean that Matt and his ankle now have a full-time UNO partner. This also led to a very enjoyable craft session this afternoon in the Infirmary (aka the café) as we kept everyone busy by getting into the Christmas spirit and making some very excellent paper chains and other decorations. Megan’s fat gingerbread men chains were particularly excellent, as was Rebecca’s Christmas Angel with Taylor Swift’s head.

In news that will probably come as a relief to the crew, a brief attempt at beginning an onboard cult/religion seems, sadly, to have fizzled out, though not before converting the Captain. This has, however, been replaced by a chess tournament, which will hopefully prove less divisive.

Beyond this, today was a day like any other on Young Endeavour – which is to say, excellent. As well as eating the continuous stream of superb food from Jenko, World Voyagers are preparing for the Captain’s Setting and Furling tomorrow, and this afternoon rotated successfully through tacking stations and celebrated with some very enjoyable on-deck games thanks to Kenny (who would like it known that he has lightning reflexes ‘like a jaguar’) and Shaun. The seas continue to be challenging, but with an added bonus at the moment of being absolutely full of albatrosses (or possible albatri – debate onboard is ongoing). They really are huge and very beautiful on the wing, though quite ungainly in the water.

Tonight we will be making another time change as we try to catch up with Perth time so we can be in sync when we arrive. We will also be instituting a policy of banning Red Watch from moving, so they stop injuring themselves. We all (particularly those in Red Watch itself) have high hopes of this new strategy, and will let you know how it goes in tomorrow’s log.


Megan and Alice D.


Josh would like to wish his brother happy birthday, and to say hi to everyone else.

Hi loving family and important people. Just letting you know that I am thinking of you all. Life is chilly but having a blast! Love you lots. – Rose M xxPS Has anyone watered my pot plants?

Matt H. – Hi Mum, broke me again.

Rhi – I’m all good Mum and Jack, missing you xx

Dylan – Hey Neeks, Happy Half Year! Glad I packed my thermals, it’s cold out here! Miss you xxx

Clauds – Hi family! Still alive – and have my sea legs (Hooray). I he someone’s given Bella her advent calendar. Xxx

Hi Family! Having a great time, haven’t been sea sick yet. It’s starting to get pretty cold as we go down into the 40’s! Hope you are all well, Love Brigida xx.

Jenko – Good luck on your trip to Tanzania. Love Dad.

Hi Mum, Dad, Patrick, Huw and Phoebe, having a ball, see you in Melbourne. Hamish.


42 degrees 9 minutes South / 40 degrees 23 minutes East


Currently located 1200nm SE of Cape Town and experiencing moderate to strong SSW winds with a 2-3m SW swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 7 degrees.