Captain's Log
13 August 2009

Into the Gulf

Good evening Shipmates,Wakey wakey was sounded at 0630 and we all awoke to another wonderful tropical day. Following morning brief the ship sailed from the anchorage and proceeded to transit Endeavour Strait in moderate ESE winds on a clear sunny day. Once all sail was set, the YC got stuck into ���Happy hour’.Before lunch a set of rope races were conducted and then afterwards we all enjoyed about 90 minutes of silent running with the generators shut down. YC assisted the staffies in changing to a larger headsail as the ship continued to make reasonable progress into the Gulf of Carpentaria. Later in the afternoon I gave the YC a lecture on sail theory and unless they were just being polite they all seemed genuinely interested. They will soon enough get their chance to put thir new found theory into practice. We will spend at least the next 48 hours crossing the Gulf and being outside the reef and conducting essentially a short ocean passage will be a pleasant change.I have asked one of the YC to write a few words and this will become a regular feature of the Captain’s Log for this voyage.By Courtney FinlayFor many of us the days leading up to this voyage flew out of sight as we prepared to embark on a journey like no other, however from the moment we departed from Cairns Navel Base the days seemed to slow to the perfect pace to enjoy every sunrise, every sunset and everything in between. From not knowing a single individual that would experience this with us, daily tasks such as climbing the mast, furling the sails and clewing the sheets, have created bonds between each of us that are untouchable. Each person has made this trip so far one of the best experiences in all my 20 years and if I am to write one thing about The Young Endeavour so far it is that no matter how far each of us is away from their home, we have found a little bit of home in each other.By Frank Morgan (Chad the Super Chef)Happy birthday Mum. I hope you have had a great day. Love Frank xxxThanks Courtney, nice words and sentiment. And to Chad’s Mum; Happy Birthday from the entire crew of YE. We just love your son. Yours AyeCommander Andrew ���Gunna’ RourkeCommanding Officer


10° 39' South / 141° 33' East


Wind ESE 15-20 kts, Swell E 0.5 m, Temp 26 C