Captain's Log
18 November 2002

Into Action!

Situation at 1900:Welcome to you all for the first captain’s log of V21/02.This voyage is my first voyage as acting commanding officer, and I thank Captain John for the opportunity and wish him a relaxing voyage off. My team for the voyage are executive officer (XO) – Aaron (Bullet) turner, navigator (nav) – Lukey Marthick, watch officer (WO) Lauren (Holly) Hindmarsh, White Watch Leader (WWL) and Boatswain- Michael (Dutchy) Van Walle, Blue Watch Leader (BWL) – Chantal (Shonny) Timms, ably assisted by Ben (Stoney) Stone, Red Watch Leader (RWL) – Athol (Wiggy) Bennett, Engineer – Simon (Stewy) Stewart andour incorrigible Cheffo – Chris (Polly) Pollock. It is an outstanding team and we are all looking forward to an exciting voyage.The voyage commenced today at about 1400, when we began to embark members of the youth crew (yc). As our numbers began to swell, the staffies were rapidly tidying up all the preparations for sea that must be made. Finally at about 1540 with a full youth crew embarked we asked all the families and friends to make their way to the wharf while the youth crew made their final goodbyes and steeled themselves to leave fleet base and proceed into Sydney harbour. We made a successful departure at 1600 and proceeded to rose bay where we will remain, at anchor until after lunch tomorrow.On our way to Rose Bay, the youth crew were quickly fired into action with a quick safety brief from Dutchy before the watch leaders conducted some introductions and a tour of the ship. The youth crew were thensent to sample some of the culinary delights from Polly, which only served to whet their appetites for more as the voyage goes on.After dinner Bullet and I offically welcomed youth crew aboard Young Endeavour, and as we speak they are recieving their first climbing brief and are steeling themselves for the challenging task of conducting their first climb aloft. a lot has already happened in the first three hours of their voyage, and this is but a taste of what is to come.Tonight is the first night aboard Young Endeavour and will see the first four hour night watch for each member of the youth crew. During their watch they will all lay aloft for a second time as well aslearning some fundamental knots and lashings. it will be a long night, but will see them quickly become accustomed to the rigours of life at sea.Young Endeavour mariner speak:To shorten sail – to reduce the amount of sail being carried. This may be done when approaching an anchorage or due to increasing wind conditions.Thought for the day:’To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life’- Robert Louis Stevenson


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