Captain's Log
19 January 2009


Ahoy Shipmates,Overnight in very good sailing conditions we made good ground towards Inner Sister Island and by 0900 this morning we were only 30nm to the south west of the Sister Passage. After the normal morning brief and cleaning stations (happy hour), Jarrod the Navigator conducted an informative lesson in the scientific art of navigation which was closely followed by lunch. I had hoped to complete a set of rotational tacks straight after lunch but due to lack of wind this was not achievable. Given these conditions, all sail was handed in and we completed the final 7nm to Inner Sister Island under main engines. At 1410 Young Endeavour came safely to anchor in the very picturesque House Cove (Inner Sister Island) were we immediately launched the Ships RHIB and completed all normal preparations for getting the YC ashore. Once these preparations were complete the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they where given the opportunity to either swim in the crystal clear water of House Cove, play beach sports or hike up to the top of the island peak which provides panoramic views of Bass Strait, Flinders Island and of course YE at anchor in House Cove. By 1700 all were back onboard and following a hearty dinner, which was devoured by a ravenous YC who by this stage had fully recovered from any signs of seasickness. This evening we completed a very entertaining round of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise) which was the last activity of the day. This evening the watches have been reduced to anchor watches which will give both the YC and Staff the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep, ensuring that everyone will be well rested for the busy days ahead.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavPlease find attached Captains Log entries from some of the Youth CrewDay 3 out on the Bass Strait. The days have already gone by so quick. The first day was anchored on the Tamar in Georgetown we climbed the mast I was in the first group right on sunset. I saw a seal for the first time which was amazing they are beautiful. I got to the top of the mast after a long struggle and not long after made my way down as the excitement was too overwhelming. Tonight I aim to climb it again to get more practice. Yesterday was the first day we set sail and we got to about 3 metre swells some of us however succumb to the terrible sickness of sea. Today we pulled into an island off Flinders Island and went swimming was great fun and we have anchored here for the night. The weather out here on the bass has been very cold for me and I am looking forward to the warmer weather back home. Hi to Mum (Kerry), Dad (Craig) and girls if you’re logging in to the net to see our entry.EmmaMosquito’s are from now on banned from the ship, as they are horrid and filthy and not very nice at all.-KateI love not feeling sea sick like yesterday but I miss the open sea now that we have anchored in the harbour. I have had the first meal since day 1 that I didn’t throw up today. Kate wants a mars bar. 


39°42's / 147°54'e


Currently at anchor at Inner Sister Island and experiencing very light NW winds.