Captain's Log
9 December 2011


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day five, the morning commenced at 0630 with a rousing tune from Sail Master Kristy-Lee, who then energetically lead our early morning activity prior to breakfast and morning brief.With such a pristine morning the Young Endeavour pool was opened enabling all adventurous Youth Crew the opportunity to swing from the course yard arm rope or plunge from the bowsprit into the waters of Bustard Bay. The invigorating conditions did not dampen the enthusiasm as they executed some commendable acrobatic pirouettes, somersaults and water entries.After happy hour all Youth Crew completed a climbing circuit of the foremast building climbing skills and confidence. After lunch and rope races the ship weighed anchor, set sail and commenced making ground north east towards the Bunker Island Group. During the afternoon I presented a sail theory lesson in order to consolidate the practical deck work conducted over the previous five days. To re-energise the Youth Crew the ship was called to tacking stations and conducted a series of rotational tacks. This activity required the three Youth Crew watches to rotate through each of the other watches tacking station positions, enabling each to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how the sails and yards are handled during this important manoeuvring evolution.After a magnificent dinner and sunset the Youth Crew have settled into sea watches were each will be challenged with a team activity overnight. It has been a diverse last five days which have seen a significant development in the overall journey of our young adventurers. As a team they have progressed enormously both individually and collectively as the voyage continues to gain momentum. Many have achieved goals they would never have thought possible at the commencement of the voyage showing true perseverance, determination and commitment.The intention is to remain underway overnight shaping a course for Lady Musgrave Island.Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


24°4's / 152°2'e


2200 at sea - weather scattered cloud, swell E 0.25 metre, wind SE 5 knots, temperature 18 degrees, barometer 1018 hpa