Captain's Log
V 07/17
29 March 2017

In Jervis Bay

Despite the light morning drizzle, Sail Master Kyle woke us at 0630 and got us all up on deck to walk a few laps to get the blood flowing and check out the view.After Morning Brief and Happy Hour Navigator Adam gave the Youthies the Navigation brief. At 0930 we weighed anchor and sailed a race track inside the bay conducting navigation practical training and continuing with sail setting and furling. We experienced 25 – 30 Kn of wind and only used the Fore and Main Staysails to allow more time on each lap of the bay.On completion we anchored off Bristol Pt on the southern shore of the bay in order to achieve maximum shelter from the high winds forecast for tonight. We then rigged the awning to provide some shelter from the weather on deck and gave the crew some down time for an hour, after what had been a hectic few hours underway.We had round two of rope races just before dinner and afterwards, on deck, held the ‘get-to-know-you’ activity called 3 way chats. We split the Youthies into groups of 3 or 4 and got them each to speak for 3 minutes on one other member of their group. What makes it challenging is that they have to learn about all of their group members because they didn’t find out who they had to speak about until the last second. My intention is to remain in our anchorage overnight sheltering from the forecast 30 Kn winds and 4 m swells and sail at midday tomorrow to recommence our passage north when the conditions are expected to be moderate.Until tomorrow.Yours Aye, Captain Mike


35 07.9'S / 150 44.3'


Wind SSW 17 Kn, Weather overcast with rain, Swell nil, Temp 16 d g. C