Captain's Log
21 September 2011

I\’mmmmmmmm Back!!!

G\’day Shipmates its Captain Gunna Rourke here back at the helm having selflessly allowed Damien to take some well earned leave. I just love this ship and it\’s great to be back. It is indeed an honour and privilege. The Youth Crew all arrived onboard in a timely manner and after some quick introductions the nine staff and twenty seven YC were soon underway heading for our overnight anchorage. There was a buzz of excitement onboard. In fairly short order we were soon at anchor and well fed before the first real challenge of the voyage was conducted; climbing the foremast! Normally in a crew we have one or two that struggle with their fear of heights but not this crew as all of them were up and over in good time. I’m not saying there wasn’t fear but all put it behind them and climbed very safely. We finished up at about 2300 and I’m confident my new crew all went to sleep satisfied with their achievement.


23° 50' South / 151° 19' East


At anchor Gladstone Harbour.Wind 120, 15 kts