Captain's Log
18 June 2010

I\’m Back

G\\\’day shipmates, its CMDR Gunna Rourke here back at the helm of the Young Endeavour filling in for the real Captain, Gav Dawe, who is taking a well deserved break. This afternoon 27 youth crew joined the ship at Brisbane and after some quick introductions we set sail and motored down the Brisbane River. We actually didn\\\’t go that far and we berthed about 40 minutes later at Balimba having done the poorest example of berthing the ship that I can recall. I must be out of practice. Each of the watches conducted ship tours, we had a brilliant meal prepared by Adrian and then I chatted to the YC about what to expect and my expectations of them. Taffy the sailing master I\\\’m sure then chewed their ears off and then the real adventure began with the first climb. As I type most have been up and over the top gallant yard and although there were a few shakey knees most were going great guns. Besides, if we don\\\’t all make it tonight there is always tomorrow. With me on this voyage is Taffy – Sailing Master, Joel -Nav, Damian – Watch Officer, Jordo – Watch Officer, Penny – Blue Watch Leader, Tug – Red Watch Leader, Ian – White Watch Leader, Carly Asst White Watch Leader, Adrian – Chefo and Josh – Engineer. Thats all from me and we are expecting a very full on day tomorrow.CMDR Gunna Rourke\\\’Carpe Diem\\\’


27° 26' South / 153° 4' East


A spash of rain with light and variable winds. Temp 18.