Captain's Log
21 November 2000

Illegal Whaling Activity

This morning at 0800 I handed command of Young Endeavour to Tony Baker, from Brisbane and the youth crew of Voyage 16/00. Soon after cleaning stations and morning tea the team got ready and we successfully sailed from the anchorage in very light winds – a great feat, well done. The expected Sou’ west winds would have made the journey out of Twofold Bay very easy but just as the anchor was brought home the wind changed direction by 180 degrees and an immediate test was put to the YC. They needed to tack out of the bay against an 18-knot headwind. They took the challenge, clearing the dangers and got to seaward with only two tacks. An excellent start. Great teamwork.Their mission was to investigate illegal whaling activity east of Eden and we soon arrived in the vicinity to find none ��� obviously the whalers had been scared away ��� and so had the wind because by early evening it had dropped to 2 knots. Later on the watches fought to catch as much wind as they could, using their initiative too so we could make way back to port.The progress so far has been excellent with some good communication happening within the command team and everyone pitching in. The mid-afternoon inter watch fun that the activity coordinators arranged certainly raised the adrenalin levels.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


36° 53' South / 150° 19'


Current situation at 1800: Command Day, 30 miles to seaward. Wind sou'east at 15 knots. Temp 19C.