Captain's Log
1 April 2000

Iceberg reported – YE monitors

Having had a good nights sleep, anchor was weighed at 1030 and the ship sailed from her anchorage yesterday morning. The wind was from the NW at 15-20 kts and we were soon making good speed to the south with all sail set. During the morning we received an interesting maritime safety message regarding an iceberg that was unseasonally north and was posing a danger to navigation. This iceberg was reported to the SW of Tasmania. Quite bizzare. During the afternoon as the wind slowly backed to the west and freshened to 20 kts the ship conducted a series of tacks. Weather was starting to get unsettled but the forecast had nothing in it of any concern. The Course was clewed up as the wind continued to back. Early in the evening the wind backed quite suddenly to the south as a cold front passed through our position. Wind speed increased to over 30 kts and sail was quickly handed in as the ship was hitting speeds over 12 kts. Wind continued to increase with prolonged gusts over 45 kts and the seas began to build rapidly. As Mae West said ‘It’s going to be a bumpy ride tonight’. We wore ship and started slogging our way south as the wind backed even further to the SE. It was interesting to hear the weather report of a weak cold front with 15- 20 kts of wind forecast. Wind speed remained 25-30 kts throughout the night and it was bitterly cold. Late in the evening we received another maritime safety message on this rogue iceberg that was drifting further north closer to our planned track. At midnight a message was received from the Navy tasking YE to proceed to the iceberg position to monitor, report and warn shipping in the area. Dion, the navigator, was plotting positions, expected drift of the iceberg and calculating a course to intercept. The things you have to do in a tall ship. The youth crew, and some staff, were getting quite excited by the prospect of seeing an iceberg at close quarters. Not too close I warned them. This morning the wind has started to ease (20-25 kts) and we will set some more sail very soon. At our morning brief I had Dion explain our iceberg patrol tasking to the youth crew and as he was wrapping up I presented him with his very own block of ice. Yep, it was all a setup for April Fools Day and he had taken the bait beautifully. He was however, in very good company!Happy April Fools Day readers!Chat tomorrow – Andrew


38° 13' South / 138° 59'


Wind 160/20 kts, Temp 13, partly cloudy